Hicham Talaat Moustafa: The establishment of the Four Seasons Hotel in Luxor stimulates tourism in Upper Egypt

Hicham Talaat Moustafa, CEO, Managing Director of the Arab Hotel Investment and Tourism Company « Icon », said that the construction of a hotel with the Four Seasons brand in Luxor will have a positive impact on tourism in Upper Egypt.

hicham talaat moustafa During the signature

Hisham Talaat Moustafa, during the signing of an agreement with the Holding Company for Tourism and Hotels, said that the partnership between the private sector and the government will have a great impact on the national economy, especially in light of the negotiation that takes into account the interests of both parties.

« When we created Four Seasons in Cairo, we changed the way we deal with hotel rooms and raised the room rate from $ 90 to $ 470 per night, » according to Hicham Talaat Moustafa.

Hicham Talaat Moustafa pointed out that the establishment of the hotel in Upper Egypt contributes to the influx of foreign exchange and attracting a tourist we need in Egypt