Pictures .. The Assistant Minister of Justice opens the Real Estate Registration Office in Rehab

The Real Estate Registration Office was opened in El Rehab, in the presence of Counselor Ashraf Mohamed Rizk, Assistant Minister of Justice for Real Estate Registration and Documentation, Hisham Talaat Moustafa, CEO and managing director of Talaat Mostafa Group, as part of the plan being implemented to provide all services to Al Rehab residents.

The headquarters of the Real Estate Registration Office is located next to Al Rehab Club Gate No. 5.

The opening of the real estate registry office comes within the framework of the Ministry of Justice’s endeavor to provide mechanized month and documentation services to the population as quickly and as little as possible by mechanizing all procedures.

Opening-the-real-estate-month-center-Al-Rehab --- Hisham-Talaat-Mustafa
 Hisham-Talaat-Mustafa - Opening-the-real-estate-month-center-Al-Rehab
Opening-the-real-estate-month-center-Al-Rehab - Hisham-Talaat-Mustafa